Hong Kong

Many years ago, when I lived there, I loved Hong Kong. For 3 days this weekend, I renewed that relationship.

It’s a great city, and particularly photogenic. And kinda funny sometimes.


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Coco Beach

Honestly one of the most beautiful trips I’ve taken in quite a while. Hands down, blows the Florida Keys out of the water for snorkeling experiences. And if you’re in to the rustic, Caribbean feel without all the hassle of flying 16,000 miles to the Caribbean, it’s definitely your kind of place.

By way of background, the sunset pictures were taken in front of the resort, where you can watch the small boats come in and out from the ‘dock’, which is a wooden bench jutting out to the water. You have to literally walk the plank to and from the boats. Awesome.

The small boats you see in the snorkeling pictures followed our larger boat out to the reef; they stalked us like birds of prey, and matched us knot for knot until we got to the appointed dive spot. At this point, they informed us that they would, for $4.00, tow us behind their propeller so that we wouldn’t have to swim to take in the corral. Honestly? Two things wrong with that picture: (1) seaborn mutilation, and (2) an enduring knowledge that I couldn’t even do my own swimming while I snorkeled. A truly abiding shame indeed.

The house in the one picture was beautiful. Not an architect’s concept of beauty, but a natural, colorful statement that “We happily live on the cusp of some of the most stunning scenery in the world, and mark this pleasure with garrish colors. So sue us.”

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If I were in the business of loading and/or unloading in Batangas, I would be confused.

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Food and other fun Filipino stuff

There’s something both cool and frightening about a Starbucks sitting on the crater of a volcano. Not that it kept us from buying the coffee jelly concoction. Oddly enough, it tasted like coffee Jell-O. Go figure.

Also, I was advised by someone before arriving here that I had to try the chicken and waffles. And yes, if you were wondering, also on the rim of a volcano.

Last but not least…a stray cat that doesn’t know the danger with which it is flirting…

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Pictures and words.

I’m really lazy.

So, from the adage that a picture paints a thousand words, or some such, I have decided to post pictures from our life for all to share.

I, like many of us, have a limited attention span (which is ironic, because I’m brevity-challenged and write far too much to convey much too little). Thus, I will play to my own weakness, which I’m projecting to others, and just say this: “Enjoy the pictures; words are too onerous. And busy. Far too busy. You can do what you want with pictures. Words tell you what to do. And who likes that? Not me. Do I?”

I’ll try to leave commentary when I want. Or when it’s needed. Or when my wife tells me to. Or when you tell me to. But not until then.

So there.

Without further ado, here’s my first salvo.

The view of Taal Volcano from People's Park.

The Philippines is a strikingly beautiful country; particularly when, as in all countries, you leave the major cities.

Another dichotomous view; decay and beauty, together on the summit.

More later.

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